Which Level Of Support Is Right For Your Netsuite Solution?

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Which Level Of Support Is Right For Your Netsuite Solution?

NetSuite provides a range of products for businesses and are well-known for their enterprise resource planning or ERP and customer relationship management or CRM products. When using NetSuite ERP or CRM products, users or clients may face certain technical difficulties.

NetSuite has introduced several support services and a user can determine what is best for them depending on the level of support they require for their enterprise resource planning or e-commerce CRM solution.

1. SuiteSupport

When subscribing to a NetSuite product like a cloud ERP or cloud CRM solution, you will have access to their basic support plan. Suite Supports basic plan is for 24X7 access for Severity 1 and business hour online only access for Severity 2. This plan makes you eligible to join the NetSuite user community and gives you access to the SuiteAnswers technical support portal.

With this plan, you can also make online case submissions and have 24X7 critical access. While telephone case submission is allowed, it is only for Severity 1 or critical cases.

The premium plan for NetSuite users has no limitations or restrictions on telephone case submission. The plan gives 24×7 access for Severity 1 and 2 and business hour access for Severity 3 and 4.

In addition to the support provided by the basic plan, with SuiteSupport Premium, NetSuite ERP users can have four authorised support contacts in their organisation for non-critical concerns and have access to commerce response services.

They will also have 24×7 non-critical access and 8×5 non-critical access.

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2. Advanced Customer Support

A lot of change can take place after a business starts using a product like NetSuite ERP or NetSuite CRM+. The software changes over time, businesses change over time, and the knowledge the management has of the solution changes over time.

NetSuite recognises this and addresses it through their Advanced Customer Support (ACS) products. These allow users to react to these changes and continuously maximise the value of their NetSuite product.

ACS Advise offers 24×7 email/online system issue/bug, email/online high severity assistance, and phone based technical support services. The support plan also provides business solution advisement and assistance, technical development support and assistance, and activation services under optimisation and sustainment services.

If you use NetSuite’s cloud ERP system for enterprise resource planning or ecommerce CRM, you may choose ACS Monitor support, which provides four-hour monthly remediation services, release awareness, quarterly performance monitoring, a designated customer success manager, and an initial review in addition to the support provided by ACS Advise.

If you want additional release management and performance and scalability services, you can choose ACS Optimise. This provides the above services as well as release guidance and release regression testing, performance and scalability assessment, and environment management. ACS Optimise also provides NetSuite users with a designated optimising team and an annual review.

ACS Architect covers these support services but also provides NetSuite ERP or ecommerce CRM users with an assigned technical support team. It also includes platform environment and architecture services like solution architecture advice and input, integration architecture review and advisement, and governance architecture review and advisement.

ACS Platform offers the same support, release management, and platform environment and architecture services as ACS Architect, but does not include an annual review and quarterly performance monitoring.

In terms of optimisation and sustainment, ACS Platform only offers designated customer success manager and technical development support and assistance.

3. Partner Support

If you are a NetSuite partner, you will have access to different support services. Premium support offers 24×7 assistance with critical issues, outages and unexpected behaviours, user group access and assistance, online case submission, and telephone case submission.

NetSuite Partner Support has two plans. With Advanced Partner Support (APS), partners can make telephone case submissions and receive advice and assistance with usage and configuration and performance troubleshooting and assistance. They will also have access to services like leading practices for SuiteScript and SuiteCloud development, product expertise and guidance, data conversion strategy, release guidance and awareness, unlimited authorised users, and named partner engagement manager.

Enterprise Partner Support (EPS) offers additional support like access to enterprise pre-sales technical support and implementation methodologies, release impact assessments and testing plans, scalability, load testing, performance and capacity evaluations, and solution and architecture design review.

4. Platform technology services

While NetSuite users will find their support services immensely useful, NetSuite also offers Platform Technology Services (PTS) to ensure users can successfully solve technical challenges during the implementation of projects. They also provide technical platform guidance for post go-live activities.