Industries Wholesale



There are many challenges faced in today’s expanding wholesale distribution industry. Fast changing customer demands and requirements must be met while dealing with fluctuations in the supply chain. With Oracle NetSuite cloud ERP system, your organization can have complete visibility across your entire distribution chain. Oracle NetSuite integrates all business processes of all your departments into one integrated system.


Key benefits for your wholesale business:

Business intelligence give a better understanding of current market trends

  • Complete visibility into finance and accounting

  • eCommerce transactions are linked to back office accounts

  • Improved inventory management

  • Improved purchase order management

  • Accessible via cloud with fully integrated mobile functionality

  • Powerful pricing algorithm to suit specific businesses

  • In-depth reporting tools

 Oracle NetSuite provides an immense value to wholesale distribution businesses by helping them manage orders, pricing, shipping while optimizing processes and storing information in one secure system. Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP system will help your business improve stock management, time management, customer experience, accuracy of data while simultaneously providing scalability and flexibility for your business or organization’s growth.

Blurring the lines between the entire organization, Oracle NetSuite will help evolve your wholesale distribution organization to a new digital age with software built for the cloud.