Industries FMCG



FMCG’s need to seamlessly deliver highly end to end customer experience while getting timely accurate data. Oracle NetSuite can help plan, manage and anticipate all demand and inventory updates with excellent reporting on a day to day basis.

Why Choose Oracle NetSuite for your Business:

  1. Provides a 360 view of the business and all departments

  2. A perfect unified database to record all business transactions and reports

  3. Data of all stores can be accessed easily via the cloud

  4. Real time cloud automatic updates with embedded intelligence

  5. Dynamic ERP stock verification based on stock levels of all inventory

  6. Digital link of all stores and departments


Why Oracle NetSuite is a perfect fit for any FMCG:

  • E-commerce integration

  • Serialized inventory

  • Internal and external lot number tracking

  • Inventory tracked across multiple warehouses

  • Check inventory costs and availability at any given time


Small, medium or large sized businesses working in the competitive and complex world of FMCG’s can count on the Dynamic #1 True Cloud Oracle NetSuite ERP.