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Customer demands are constantly challenged in today’s fashion and apparel business environment. Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP is designed to help apparel brands face market challenges and overcome operational tasks. With the expertise of the Oracle NetSuite ERP, companies can improve strategic decision making while streamlining all processes with real time visibility and being more agile.


Here are few ways how Oracle NetSuite can help your business manage, plan and synchronize your activities with maximum optimization.

  • Optimize product allocation

  • Predictive and actual costing

  • Reduction in cycle time

  • Increase sales and business growth

  • Generate detailed reports

  • Complete in-house and supply chain visibility

  • Cloud based scalable multi-tier technology

  • High customer satisfaction


Oracle NetSuite can help manage all processes from customer orders to deliveries, planning and production, inventory of raw materials and finished products while allowing your business to be standardized on one platform. The superior interface helps you personalize your dashboard with an advanced search function and gives you alerts and notifications.

Seamlessly manage your entire apparel process across multiple devices and globally synchronize your data across multiple locations. Oracle NetSuite will help you evolve to meet the digital age and can help your company streamline processes to ensure efficient business growth.