Netsuite Extention Apps Development

M.SaaS has the experience and expertise necessary to customise end-to-end processes that meet your precise business requirements. We have successfully implemented and designed numerous projects for clients who require more than readily available, out-of-the-box products.

M.SaaS build mobile apps to engage your customers and keep them coming back for more! We build our mobile apps for easy maintenance and its cost effectiveness. Our customized mobile apps come with analytics for you to analyse how to further engage your customers better and improve work processes efficiently.

Netsuite Custom Mobile Apps

M.SaaS has introduced a set of mobile apps that provides additional functionality for Netsuite Customers. M.DMS, M.WMS, M.SMS and M.SFA such mobile apps created by M.SaaS developers.

  • What are the additional functionality provided by M.DMS?

    M.DMS Facilitates the Delivery Operation, from Delivery Plan, Delivery Drop and eSignature of Delivery Order, using mobile device, offline.Using Integrated GPS and Google Map the navigation can be optimized and Monitored.

  • What are the additional functionality provided by M.WMS?

    M.WMS Provides an offline Warehouse Operation from Receiving, Picking, Packing, Shipping, Moving Internally & Counting on any Android Mobile Device with Barcode Support .

  • What are the additional functionality provided by M.SMS?

    M.SMS The Service Engineers and Technician equipped with Mobile Phones or Tablets, could deliver both Preventive & Ad-hoc Support Services to Customers with eSupport Tickets with or without Service Inventory and billing. Customer acknowledgment with comments and eSignature is facilitated.