What Is Netsuite And Its Secret To Helping Customers Grow?

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What Is Netsuite And Its Secret To Helping Customers Grow?

Enterprise resource planning or ERP is the integration of the main functions of a business in order to increase efficiency and productivity and reduce costs. Across industries, companies are either switching to ERP systems or transitioning to a cloud ERP system, which has added benefits like scalability and remote access.

What Is Netsuite And Its Secret To Helping Customers Grow? | M.SaaS

In terms of ERP software, NetSuite is an industry leader and has been pioneering the cloud computing revolution since 1998. NetSuite is one of the world’s first companies dedicated to delivering business applications over the internet and currently provides software to over 21,000 customers in over 200 countries and territories.

Their enterprise resource planning tool is used across industries and by different types of companies. Whether it is healthcare, energy or apparel, small, medium, and large companies as well as family-owned and fast-growing businesses use NetSuite products for growth and expansion.

Looking at NetSuite products, their cloud ERP system is an industry-leading software that several businesses have implemented. It is engineered to streamline mission-critical processes and allows businesses to react swiftly to new market opportunities while also focusing on what they do best.

Key features of NetSuite ERP are financial management, financial planning, order management, production management, supply chain management, warehouse and fulfilment, and procurement. These features benefit organisations in various ways and one of the key benefits of using NetSuite ERP is that it is designed to support growth. A highly scalable system, the enterprise resource planning product by NetSuite allows users to easily add and customise functionality as the business grows and expands.

Built-in business intelligence combines data with visual analytics to generate meaningful and actionable business insights, which is another benefit of using NetSuite products. Yet another key benefit to the cloud ERP system is that the broad range of robust ERP streamlines business processes and frees up the time and resources needed to accelerate growth, drive innovation, and remain competitive.

In addition to ERP, NetSuite is also known for their customer relationship management or CRM software. With the ecommerce CRM solution, users can gain insight into their customers and it is the best option for a cloud solution that delivers a real-time, 360-degree view of the customer.

The seamless flow of information provided by NetSuite CRM+ gives the company access to the entire customer lifecycle, from lead and opportunity to sales order, fulfilment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell, and support.

Besides NetSuite ERP and NetSuite CRM+, companies also benefit from solutions like SuitePeople, which is a human capital management tool. This NetSuite solution enables features like flexibility, role-based security, universal data, global reach, and unified access.

While NetSuite has several other products that can increase the productivity and efficiency of a company while improving the accuracy of processes and facilitating growth and expansion, the range of products and their features are not the sole reason NetSuite is preferred by over 21,000 customers.

NetSuite’s secret to helping customers grow is simple: Easy integration.

Businesses are often reluctant to transition to an enterprise resource planning software or cloud CRM solution due to difficulties in integrating the current system with a new one. Disruptions to workflow and business operations, storage of data, and the training required to adapt to new software and tools can be taxing to a business.

In addition to this, the implementation of an ERP or CRM solution can take a few weeks, which may be time a company cannot allocate for a transition from one system to another.

NetSuite recognised the hesitation and concerns on the part of their customers and addressed them by developing tools and solutions that ensure seamless transition and integration. They also go beyond the implementation process by ensuring easy integration of different solutions. Thus a business that wishes to use multiple NetSuite products can easily do so without having to worry about how the multiple systems can be integrated.

In the context of a multi-national company, for instance, NetSuite ERP has global cloud capabilities, taking into consideration indirect tax compliance and financial and accounting regulations with a configurable tax engine, comprehensive currency management, audit and compliance reporting, payment processing, and comprehensive language management.

Seamless global integration is also provided through the NetSuite ecommerce CRM solution called SuiteCommerce, which is an end-to-end B2C and B2B ecommerce platform. With this CRM solution, a business can grow and expand with B2B and B2C ecommerce and order management.

The ability to easily and seamlessly integrate systems is thus the secret to how NetSuite helps customers grow.