Tips And Tricks For NetSuite Users

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Tips And Tricks For NetSuite Users

Businesses use enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to integrate main business functions like purchase orders, payroll, and resource tracking into one centralized system. A cloud ERP software increases the efficiency and productivity of a business and leaves less room for human error.

ERP tools are also of use in analysis and reporting as software like NetSuite ERP can be used to collect, store, manage, and interpret data. Since the data is stored in one place, using an ERP system increases collaboration within organizations, allowing teams to work with each other.

When choosing an ERP system, businesses often opt for NetSuite and there are a number of reasons for this. NetSuite offers scalability, where it grows as the business grows and streamlines processes accordingly. The ERP software also comes with a number of tools that a business can make use of to accelerate growth and drive innovation.

NetSuite ERP also offers customizable functionality, another feature that draws users to the software. While the ERP tool is extremely popular among the corporate sector, these are tips and tricks NetSuite users can make use of to increase efficiency.

Specific requirements

ERP software can benefit various industries and NetSuite comes with features that address the unique requirements of these industries. In advertising, for instance, NetSuite has been used to accommodate transactions in multiple currencies and simplify complex revenue recognition with sales orders that automatically trigger ad campaigns.

In media, NetSuite ERP software has been used for real-time reporting in multiple publications. In addition to this, NetSuite tools can be used to increase efficiency with business processes like circulation, subscriptions, and advertising billings.

NetSuite also caters to businesses of all sizes. A tip for small businesses is the cost-effectiveness of the software as well as scalability. For a midsize business, NetSuite can be used to accelerate entry into new markets, while an enterprise can remain agile and flexible through the use of an enterprise resource planning system like NetSuite.


When using software, businesses look for customization and features that allow users to make slight changes so the software is the perfect fit for the business. NetSuite takes this into consideration and allows users to customize most features and actions.

You can also automate actions and functions so that efficiency and productivity are increased, which is one of the key benefits of using NetSuite ERP software.

Tips And Tricks For NetSuite Users | M.SaaS

Custom workflows

One of the benefits of using an ERP system like NetSuite, especially in retail, is the custom workflow tools that support unique operational and financial processes. Through workflows, you can integrate business processes unique to your business with the cloud ERP system. NetSuite lets you do this within the system itself, without additional software requirements.


Tips And Tricks For NetSuite Users | M.SaaS

Email list

Businesses use NetSuite ERP for purchase and sales orders, item fulfilments, and customer invoices. In addition to these transactions, NetSuite also allows uses to send automatic emails to multiple addresses based on these transactions.

To make use of this feature, a user can enter the recipient’s name in the correct field and then enter additional addresses through the copy others list.

This is a trick NetSuite ERP users can make use of to enhance the benefits they get from the software and increase efficiency within the business.

If you find that the NetSuite ERP email features are insufficient and don’t meet all your requirements, you can easily add a customer relationship management (CRM) add-on which will give you more extensive features.

Color themes

While the customization of features and actions can increase efficiency and productivity, color scheme customization adds aesthetic value when using the cloud ERP system. If you want your enterprise resource planning system to match your company colors, for instance, you can select themes that suit your business.

To make use of this feature, click on the set preferences tab and go to the Appearance tab. Once there, you can pick a color scheme for your cloud ERP software.

These tips and tricks are great ways to make maximum benefit from a cloud ERP system like NetSuite. While there are a number of other features a business can make use of in a way that is unique to their business, there are a lot of resources one can make use of to truly understand the wide range of features and tools the cloud ERP system is equipped with.

Tips And Tricks For NetSuite Users | M.SaaS