The Benefits of Cloud ERP Deployment

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The Benefits of Cloud ERP Deployment

The Benefits Of Cloud ERP Deployment | M.SaaS

Enterprise resource planning or ERP is a method of integrating key business processes into a centralised system for better management and increased efficiency. An ERP system may include customer relationship management or CRM, production, human resources, and accounting.

A cloud ERP system or cloud CRM solution can be customised to meet the unique demands and challenges of different types of businesses. ERP, especially one obtained through a reliable NetSuite partner in Singapore, can benefit industries ranging from hospitality and apparel to energy and manufacturing.

The benefits of an enterprise resource planning software depend somewhat on the method of deployment. When discussing the specifications of a product with a NetSuite partner in Sri Lanka, you will spend a considerable amount of time on the topic of deployment. This is because the different types of deployment benefit an organisation in different ways.

The Benefits Of Cloud ERP Deployment | M.SaaS

Software as a service

Software as a service or SaaS is a method of ERP deployment where the licensing and delivery is carried out on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. If you are considering a cloud CRM solution or a cloud ERP system to increase efficiency and productivity within the business and boost growth and expansion, SaaS deployment is worth considering.

With this method of deployment, you will be required to pay recurring fees as the software is provided on a subscription basis. While the vendor will upgrade and maintain software, you can increase processing power or storage for an additional cost.

Your NetSuite partner in Singapore will ensure server infrastructure is not your concern by proving on-cloud hosting. In terms of infrastructure, you may be a single tenant with a dedicated infrastructure for your business or a multi-tenant who has to share infrastructure with other companies.

One of the key benefits of SaaS deployment for a cloud ERP system or cloud CRM solution is that in-house resources, especially technical resources, are not required and you will not have to acquire hardware when implementing enterprise resource planning solutions.

A cloud ERP system can also be accessed from any location, thus enabling teams to work remotely and access data from wherever they are. This increased accessibility is coupled with high security, with systems in place to ensure the protection of data. Compliance to regulations on business operations and data storage are also guaranteed through an ERP product provided by a NetSuite partner in Sri Lanka.

A key benefit of SaaS deployment that cannot be overlooked is scalability. Server resources can be increased or decreased depending on your requirements, which is especially crucial when growing and expanding.

On premise

The second method of deployment when implementing enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management software is on premise deployment. This is a method where you purchase the software and user licenses and also pay for ongoing maintenance.

You will be required to allocate resources for servers and any other infrastructure and your IT team will conduct maintenance and upgrades as required.

In comparison to SaaS deployment, on premise deployment may not seem beneficial to the business, especially in terms of cost. However, as your NetSuite partner in Singapore will point out, monthly or annual subscription fees add up and on premise deployment costs less in the long run.

One of the key benefits of this method is that you will have more control over the software. ERP can be customised to meet your unique requirements and this is especially true of on premise software. Upgrade cycles can also be adjusted depending on the features and functions being introduced.

An on premise software is also not as vulnerable to power or internet outages as well as outages on the part of the hosting provider.

Private cloud

Considering the benefits of SaaS and on premise, you may want the benefits of cloud hosting with the control given by on premise deployment. A NetSuite partner in Sri Lanka may recommend private cloud in such an instance. This is a hybrid approach where the ERP software is hosted in the cloud, typically your own server, but you will be required to purchase an on premise license.

With this type of deployment, you need not allocate technical and physical resources for server rooms, especially if the private cloud hosting provider offers services like server monitoring, maintenance, and patching. Private cloud deployment also has lower pricing in the long term in comparison to SaaS subscriptions.

You will also have the accessibility benefits of a cloud ERP system or a cloud CRM solution.