Solving The Multiple Applications Analytics Challenge With SuiteAnalytics Workbook

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Solving The Multiple Applications Analytics Challenge With SuiteAnalytics Workbook

Solving The Multiple Applications Analytics Challenge With Suiteanalytics Workbook | M.SaaS

Businesses rely on data in decision-making processes, whether they are implementing measures to improve efficiency and productivity or boost expansion and growth. This data can be gathered from various sources and enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and other software often collect data on various business functions.

However, the collection of data alone does not suffice as this data must be analysed and visualised in a comprehensive and concise manner. This can be a challenge to many as the tools or solutions they use for the collection of data may not analyse the data gathered. Exporting data from one interface to another can be challenging and time consuming. There is also room for error when data is being exported, with the additional steps of uploading and downloading making you more vulnerable.

Outdated data is also a concern as improvements in these areas have resulted in faster processing times and data can become outdated even a day later. Having to collect data, export it to a different interface, and then analyse and visualise this data can take time and make your data outdated by the time it is ready to be used.

SuiteAnalytics Workbook by NetSuite addresses these issues. Businesses that use a cloud ERP or cloud CRM solution may be familiar with NetSuite as they have several software that cater to various industries and functions of a business. Thus, whether you are looking for enterprise resource planning, ecommerce CRM, or financial management, NetSuite will have a product for you.

SuiteAnalytics offers users flexibility in creating Saved Searches and Reports to easily answer questions on their business. With SuiteAnalytics Workbook, a user can expand their analytical capabilities and perform complex data analytics. The product also allows uses to securely explore their data and create criteria filters with real-time visualisation.

The technologies used by NetSuite when developing and improving their products allow them to offer a range of features. Taking cloud technologies as an example, NetSuite is one of the top choices for a cloud ERP system or a cloud CRM solution. The use of these technologies gives users added benefits when using their products.

Users of SuiteAnalytics can also make use of the various features of the product that have been enhanced by technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These ensure that NetSuite’s leading cloud business management tool delivers insight, interaction, and automation that users require to make smart and quick decisions.

The product can also automate routine tasks, which helps business owners make smarter decisions about their business.

Solving The Multiple Applications Analytics Challenge With Suiteanalytics Workbook | M.SaaS

Key features

NetSuite highlights five key features of SuiteAnalytics and Saved Search is one of them. This is a valuable tool used to filter and match data to answer business questions. Users can also make use of the set of standard and customisable reports on all transaction types through NetSuite Reporting.

Workbooks also enable users to understand their business and creating Workbooks do not require much effort or technical knowledge. The pivot and chart features of SuiteAnalytics Workbook can be used to analyse data and easily drag and drop interactions.

These highlights of the product make it the ideal solution for data analytics and users often opt for it as SuiteAnalytics Workbook offers a range of features like all other NetSuite products, whether it is for customer relationship management or a cloud ERP system for enterprise resource planning.

Solving The Multiple Applications Analytics Challenge With Suiteanalytics Workbook | M.SaaS


While the various features of SuiteAnalytics Workbook can be used to solve the analytics challenges that rise with the use of multiple applications, there are four main benefits to using this NetSuite product.

With this NetSuite product, users can make use of single source data, which generates meaningful, timely, and actionable insights with visual analytics. Real-time transparency lets users see company performance across all business functions and this ranges from a summary level to a transaction level.

SuiteAnalytics Workbook also aims to provide users with a personalised experience, where businesses can use reporting tools that do not require programming or technical resources. This simplicity is why businesses in various industries use products like NetSuite ERP and ecommerce CRM solutions.

Integrating data is made easy and simple with NetSuite and users can easily integrate visualised data into NetSuite dashboards as portlets.

These features and benefits of NetSuite’s SuiteAnalytics Workbook makes it the ideal product to switch to if you are using multiple interfaces for data collection and analytics and face multiple challenges as a result of this.