ERP For Small Business

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ERP For Small Business

Enterprise resource planning or ERP is a system used by organisations to manage day-to-day business activities like project management, supply chain operations, and accounting and may include planning, budgeting, predictions, and reporting.

Small business ERP has been defined as a lightweight business management software designed to meet the needs and requirements of a small business. However, one may question if ERP is necessary for small business.

Looking at enterprise resource planning software like NetSuite ERP, they usually cater to the needs of larger organisations that require dedicated teams for the customisation and analysis of data as well as upgrades and deployment.

Catering to the needs of multi-company organisation, global ERP and e-commerce CRM systems have also been developed and streamlined processes of multiple subsidiaries while maintaining a centralised system.

While it may seem like ERP is designed for larger enterprises, there is no doubt that ERP software does not cater to small businesses as well. As mentioned above, small business ERP is a lightweight software and there are a few elements that make it different to a cloud ERP system like NetSuite ERP.

The main characteristic of a small business ERP is that it is easy to use. A small business may not have the resources for the training required to adapt to a cloud ERP system or a cloud CRM solution. They may also not have the manpower to navigate their way through an enterprise resource planning system meant for larger companies.

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An ERP for small business must thus be easy to use, with simple navigation.

It must also be a cost-effective solution to the target audience. A small business cannot invest in expensive technology, regardless of how beneficial the technology is. An e-commerce CRM software like NetSuite CRM+ or cloud ERP like NetSuite ERP that target larger enterprises will include features that make it a worthwhile investment.

However, a small business may not find any use for those features and may not want to pay a high price for a software they may not make full use of. Thus ERP and CRM for small business must be cost-effective. If not, it will fail to consider the most basic requirements of the target clientele.

While a small business ERP may not include as many features as ERP for a larger enterprise, it must have the capacity to accommodate expansion. With the use of e-commerce CRM and a cloud ERP system, a small business can grow rapidly over the course of a year or two.

An ERP solution for small business will be prepared for this growth and expansion and scalability will be one of the key features a small business will look for in a cloud ERP system or a cloud CRM solution.

Scalability is why a cloud ERP system provides more benefits to a business than on-premises ERP. Cloud ERP like NetSuite ERP have scalability capacities and accommodate the growth and expansion of the business. This is extremely important to a small business.

These key characteristics or features will be taken into consideration by any ERP system developed for small business. NetSuite, for instance, meets the requirements of evolving businesses and fast-growing companies from the very beginning. This includes NetSuite ERP and NetSuite CRM+ and a small business that wants to streamline business processes, reduce operational costs, and increase efficiency and productivity should not hesitate to invest in their cloud ERP system or e-commerce solution.

By using ERP for small business, the organisation can benefit in many ways and the use of ERP software can boost expansion and growth. One of the key benefits is that an ERP system makes business finance easier and financial management and financial planning features can ensure the small business owner is not tied down with orders, invoices, and reconciliations.

A small business can also gain valuable business insights through the use of an enterprise resource planning system which can aid in real-time decision-making. The business insights can help a small business owner make more informed decisions, which will definitely lead to business growth.

Enterprise resource planning and e-commerce CRM can also give your small business the opportunity to enter new markets, add new product lines, and engage with customers. These features of CRM that a small business can make use of on NetSuite CRM+ are another reason why ERP for small business can give the small business the boost it deserves.