Cloud ERP: Flexibility, Scalability, And Ease To Keep Pace With Innovation

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Cloud ERP: Flexibility, Scalability, And Ease To Keep Pace With Innovation

The structure of an organisation consists of various functions and activities and the stability and success of an organisation depends heavily on these business activities being carried out in an efficient manner.

One method of managing business functions like human resources, marketing, and accounting to increase efficiency and productivity is enterprise resource planning or ERP. ERP is a software that integrates key business functions and uses a common database to collect, store, manage, and interpret data.

Enterprise resource planning is a business management software and usually includes other features as well. One such feature or application is customer relationship management or CRM. CRM is a software used by organisations to improve their interactions with customers and may consist of features that enable the organisation to track sales leads and make better decisions.

While an ERP software, especially one that includes customer relationship management features, is extremely useful to organisations and can revolutionise the way businesses operate, a cloud ERP system can be even more beneficial to a business.

In addition to the benefits of an on premise ERP software, cloud ERP also allows users to access data remotely and make real-time decisions.

If you are planning on contacting a NetSuite partner in Sri Lanka so you too can benefit from enterprise resource planning, consider the following key features and benefits of a cloud ERP system like the one developed by NetSuite.

Cloud ERP: Flexibility, Scalability, And Ease To Keep Pace With Innovation | M.SaaS


The way business activities take place and the way we work is constantly changing, making it a challenge to work within a rigid system. This is why the flexibility offered by a cloud ERP system is important to organisations.

A NetSuite partner in Singapore, for instance, may explain to the key personnel at an organisation how NetSuite’s enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management systems offer organisations great flexibility.

This flexibility is beneficial when making important decisions about the business. Key personnel and teams no longer need to be in the same room, using specific devices to access important and relevant data. With a cloud ERP, teams can easily access data remotely and also choose from different data sets and visualisations when preparing business reports.


Businesses are also constantly experiencing change, whether it is in terms of customers, employees, capacity, or goods and services. A business may expand from a start-up to a multi-national organisation or expand from one industry to another.

Keeping up with growth and scaling resources and systems to suit growth can be a challenge to organisations. A business that takes too long to grow and scale may disappoint customers and see a reduction in sales. On the other hand, a business that expands too soon can overspend on resources that will go to waste.

Scalability is thus important to organisations and a NetSuite partner in Sri Lanka will show any business how a cloud ERP system or cloud CRM solution is a highly scalable system that can be adjusted and customised to suit the company’s level of growth.


Technology develops and improves at the same pace at which businesses and industries grow and evolve, which means that organisations must keep up with technology in order to increase efficiency and productivity and meet customer demands and expectations.

However, keeping up with innovation comes with its own challenges and adapting to new technology and software can cause a strain on teams and disrupt workflow.

An enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management system like one a NetSuite partner in Singapore can implement for an organisation can help them adapt to technology and seamlessly integrate new innovations with their current system.

In terms of existing technologies, cloud ERP systems already come with several innovative features. NetSuite’s software, for instance, is equipped with built-in business intelligence tools which combine data and visual analytics. These tools can be used to generate useful and impactful business insights that play a vital role in decision making.

Financial management, procurement, warehouse and fulfilment, and order management tools also allow businesses to make use of innovative technologies to increase the efficiency within the organisation and provide a seamless and satisfactory service to customers.

In this manner, a cloud ERP system can make it easy for a business to keep pace with innovation while also offering flexibility and scalability benefits that can boost business growth and expansion.