Work Remotely With Oracle Netsuite

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Work Remotely With Oracle NetSuite

Work Remotely With Oracle Netsuite | M.SaaS

The COVID-19 outbreak has more or less put the world at a standstill. While the healthcare sector is working hard to contain the spread of the virus, people are being told to practice social distancing and self-quarantining. Cities are on lockdown with only essential services running.

The increasing number of cases and deaths is worrying and all industries have been badly affected by the outbreak, but this does not mean that people can put on hold their work life. Companies and organizations may remain closed for the time being, but employees are expected to work from home.

Working from home is not as simple as it may sound, especially if your place of work makes use of various software, like enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM). If you have to log in from a computer at work to access such software, working from home will pose a number of challenges.

One way to get around this while self-quarantining is by switching to a cloud service like Oracle NetSuite. This way, you can access the software solutions from the comfort of your home and ensure your productivity continues when working from home.

Work Remotely With Oracle Netsuite | M.SaaS
Work Remotely With Oracle Netsuite | M.SaaS

What is NetSuite?

Oracle NetSuite is a company known for its cloud software solutions. Many businesses make use of NetSuite products like NetSuite ERP, NetSuite CRM+, human capital management, and accounting software.

Their software can be customized to suite any industry, including digital marketing, food and beverage, energy, transportation and logistics, and IT. With benefits like flexibility and customization, NetSuite cloud software, especially for ERP and CRM, have come to play an important role in many businesses.

In South Asia, where development has been taking place at a rapid pace, M.SaaS has partnered with Oracle NetSuite to provide cloud solutions to companies. M.SaaS offers products like ERP, CRM, and service resource planning (SRP) and is of great use when employees are required to work from home.

Benefits of cloud computing when working from home

Working remotely is an option some companies give their employees. There are many benefits to working from home, both to the employee and the employer. Employees spend less time commuting and productivity increases. A company, on the other hand, reduces costs and has access to a wider pool of applicants for a job.

There is also a better use of technology when working remotely. Companies like Oracle NetSuite have developed tools like their cloud CRM solution and cloud NetSuite ERP supports so that companies can give employees the option of working from home.

Now that people have been asked to self-quarantine at home, companies can make more use of a cloud CRM solution like NetSuite CRM+. There are a number of ways in which cloud computing enables working remotely, so instead of using traditional tools that can only be accessed through the computer system, any business can now adapt to cloud solutions.

Work Remotely With Oracle Netsuite | M.SaaS

1. Flexibility

Using a NetSuite ERP provider through M.SaaS will provide flexibility to your employees as they can work from any location but still have access to the same information they would have access to at the office. With the COVID-19 outbreak, people have no option but to stay at home but a cloud solution like NetSuite ERP or NetSuite SRP will allow your employees to continue their work from home, regardless of how far from the workplace they are.

This flexibility afforded by a cloud CRM solution, for instance, will benefit your company even when there are no lockdowns in cities and your employees will appreciate the flexibility with their work.

NetSuite maintenance can also be done efficiently so as to not interrupt remote work.

2. Security

One of the main concerns a business would have when it comes to working from home is security. This is also why companies are often hesitant to shift to a cloud NetSuite SRP or NetSuite ERP provider.

However, these concerns often stem from ignorance about the security levels of cloud computing solutions. From user-specific passwords to the encryption of files, there is a number of security measures that a business can make use of in order to ensure the company data stored on NetSuite ERP supports are only accessible to the relevant people.

3. Scalability

Companies that have very few employees working remotely now have their entire staff working from home. Due to scalability, cloud software like NetSuite CRM+ and NetSuite ERP supports can expand to accommodate the increased number of users. This is especially of benefit to growing businesses.