Will 2021 Be The Year You Move To Modern Cloud ERP?

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Will 2021 Be The Year You Move To Modern Cloud ERP?

Organisations were forced to adapt to several changes last year, with immediate and unexpected lockdowns resulting in disruptions to business functions and processes and health and safety regulations requiring employees to work remotely as much as possible.

While some organisations could easily adapt to these changes due to investment in the latest technology, most struggled to accommodate the changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the struggle to carry out business operations without interruption amidst a pandemic made the leaders and key personnel of organisations across industries realise the importance of investing in not only the right technology but also modern technology.

Enterprise resource planning is one such software. Whether it is manufacturing, distribution, media, or healthcare, organisations use ERP software to increase efficiency and boost growth. However, it is no longer sufficient to have just any enterprise resource planning software. It is instead important to have a modern cloud ERP solution, which is ideal when a significant amount of an organisation’s workforce is working from home and cannot easily access on premise software.

If you are yet to implement a cloud ERP system, these are a few factors that will make 2021 the year you move to modern cloud ERP.

Will 2021 Be The Year You Move To Modern Cloud ERP? | M.SaaS


Organisations implement enterprise resource planning as well as software like customer relationship management in order to increase efficiency of specific departments or overall operational efficiency. However, on premise ERP systems or dated software can impact efficiency in a negative manner, as the software can no longer accommodate your operational speed and capacity.

You will thus find that your organisation is not running at optimal efficiency despite the implementation of an enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management software. This is when you need to consider moving to a cloud ERP system, like the one by NetSuite, which is by far the best cloud ERP software.

A modern programme can accommodate the growth and expansion you have experienced in the past few months and adapt to changes the organisation is going through, whether due to this expansion or the pandemic.

An on premise software, for instance, cannot be accessed remotely, which means that your workforce will be required to be present at the workplace in order to access data stored on the centralised system.

This limitation of an on premise software will impact operational efficiency, which is why you need to consider moving to a cloud ERP system or a cloud CRM solution. If you are planning to make the move this year, a NetSuite partner in Singapore can be of great use to you.


Organisations operate within a structure of regulations. Failing to comply with these regulations can come at a cost to the business and compliance is especially important for multi-national organisations.

If you have expanded operations in the recent past, you may find that your enterprise resource planning software cannot keep up with subsidiaries and regulations applicable in different regions. In such an instance, it may be better to make the move to a modern ERP like NetSuite, which is the best ERP solution.

A NetSuite partner in Sri Lanka can explain to you how the software is equipped to handle your business requirements, especially in terms of compliance, which is extremely important.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the process of integrating digital technologies in to all business operations. ERP software can play a key role in digital transformation, as enterprise resource planning integrates various business functions through centralised data storage.

If 2021 is the year you decide to start your digital transformation efforts, it is fitting that it is also the year you move to a cloud ERP system.

When implementing a modern cloud ERP system, talk with NetSuite service providers on how the software can support your digital transformation strategy as digital technologies will play a key role in organisations in 2021.

A 2019 report titled, ‘Don’t get left behind: The business risk and cost of technology obsolescence’ by MIT Technology Review Insights produced in association with Oracle, states, “Research by The Hackett Group, a strategy consultancy, concludes that cloud computing will be mainstream in over 90 percent of large global companies within three years.”

While the use of a cloud ERP system is bound to increase in the coming years, this increase may be accelerated by the pandemic and 2021 is likely to be the year you move to a cloud ERP.