Our Laser Focus On Cloud Solutions

Our Focus On Cloud Solutions

Unlike other organizations, M.SaaS focuses solely on cloud and SaaS solutions. We believe that the future of computing lies in the cloud, and foresee that in a short space of time all new-generation companies will come to rely on the cloud. With more than 6 years of cloud experience, initially with CRM on Demand and now with Cloud ERP, we fully understand the cloud model’s strengths and limitations.

Subscription License Basis

Our exclusive focus means that we are intent on ensuring that the cloud-based solution delivers optimum results for your business. Unlike vendors who deal in on-premise solutions, we do not just install a piece of software, take a fee and continue to profit from ongoing maintenance. Because our solutions are supplied on a subscription license basis, it is in our best interests that you fully embrace the solution and continue using it for as long as possible.

  • What is subscription-based pricing model?

    A subscription-based pricing model is a payment structure that allows a customer or organization to purchase or subscribe to a vendor's IT services for a specific period of time for a set price. Subscribers typically commit to the services on a monthly or annual basis.