Oracle NetSuite – The Only True Cloud ERP Solution

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Oracle NetSuite - The Only True Cloud Solution

The concept behind cloud computing is simple, it lets you run computer applications over the Internet, without having to buy, install or manage your own servers. You can run your company’s IT operations with nothing more than a browser and an Internet connection. Applications, operating systems, servers and network switches all reside out of sight and within the cloud.

NetSuite is the most powerful cloud-based ERP platform used by over 40000 business worldwide. Its popularity is no mystery. A business with NetSuite will centralized the data and makes the business processes smooth and less complex. NetSuite gives us that freedom to run the business from any corner of the world. Cloud-based ERP systems have gained a lot of momentum recently as companies look for ways to reduce the upfront costs of ERP systems, speed up deployment times, and make it easier to customize software for their individual needs.

Oracle NetSuite - The only true cloud solution | M.SaaS

NetSuite Cloud ERP provides multiple advantages

  1. High availability – NetSuite Cloud software architecture is designed from the ground up for maximum network performance, so they frequently deliver better application-level availability than conventional, on-premise solutions. For example, NetSuite commits to 99.5% availability for its customers, and provides data security such as PCI DSS compliance that would be cost prohibitive to achieve with on-premise software.
  2. Low Overhead– Upgrades, maintenance and system administration take place in the cloud and are managed by Oracle, so you don’t have to spend nights or weekends supervising a new version upgrade or a failed server. One industry analyst study found that cloud-based business software cost 50% less than on-premise software over a four-year period for a 100-employee company.
  3. Ease of access at anytime and anywhere -Cloud computing is “always on,” making it easy to grow your business and support remote workers and locations, or support a highly mobile sales or service team, because people can access the cloud any time, day or night, from any browser, desktop or mobile device around the globe, 24×7.
  4. Optimised performance– NetSuite adjusts to your performance needs, dynamically assigning server cycles whenever and wherever you need them, and automatically adjusting to spikes in your business
Oracle NetSuite - The only true cloud solution | M.SaaS

It is very important to understand what the difference is between true and fake cloud. Recognizing a lucrative chance to create an additional revenue stream, many traditional on-premise vendors trying to “cloud-wash” their existing on-premise offerings to give them the look and feel of SaaS solutions. The resulting hosted or hybrid solutions may be disguised as cloud on the surface, but simply do not achieved the benefits of a true SaaS environment. A true cloud solution was built in the cloud and only in the cloud.