New Netsuite App Helps Customers Safely And Efficiently Reopen

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New Netsuite App Helps Customers Safely And Efficiently Reopen

ew Netsuite App Helps Customers Safely And Efficiently Reopen | M.SaaS

Reopening the economy and resuming operations amidst a global pandemic has posed many challenges to governments as well as businesses. The impact of COVID-19 on industries has been significant and the continuing spread of the virus means that organisations are required to adhere to health and safety regulations. These include social distancing, hand hygiene, and work spaces that are disinfected and cleaned regularly.

Ensuring the safety of employees goes beyond the guidelines provided by government officials, however, and it is important that companies establish a process to follow in the event that an employee tests positive for COVID-19 or any other infectious disease.

NetSuite recognised the need for an application that can simplify this process and introduced the Workforce Case Interaction SuiteApp on 24 June 2020.

With the new app, NetSuite customers can create, track, and record the in-person interactions of persons suspected of having COVID-19 or other infectious diseases. The Workforce Case Interaction SuiteApp provides a centralised location to create and track cases of those who test positive in the workplace and the app can be used to protect fellow employees or customers the individual has come into contact with at a physical location.

The new SuiteApp allows HR professionals and others with authorization to access the tools to create employee cases and notify those at risk and does so in a simple and easy-to-use manner. This is a feature that can be seen in other NetSuite products as well, for instance their enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.

With the cloud ERP system, for instance, users benefit from a broad range of robust ERP, built-in business intelligence, and a solution that is designed to support growth. The NetSuite ecommerce CRM solution, which is a cloud CRM solution streamlines lead-to-cash processes, elevates productivity, improves sales performance through features like forecasting, and lends support in managing global sales and services organisations.

Just as the NetSuite ERP and NetSuite CRM+ products come with a range of features, so does the NetSuite Workforce Case Interaction SuiteApp.

ew Netsuite App Helps Customers Safely And Efficiently Reopen | M.SaaS


One of the main features of the app is case management. The app helps organisations create cases for all employees who test positive for COVID-19 or other infectious diseases and allows the organisation to track in-person interaction details.

Since the app stores sensitive information about employees, it also values security and privacy and only those who have been given authorization can manage a case or even perform a search.

The app can also automatically run a search of an infected person to get a list of potential interactions within a defined time period and this tracking feature is also extremely useful to organisations during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The app can also be used to notify persons at risk through customised email distribution and enables the quick and efficient sharing of workforce cases with relevant government bodies.

How does the app work?

While NetSuite provides a video demonstration on how to use the app, a basic guide to using the NetSuite Workforce Case Interaction SuiteApp begins with logging into NetSuite. The access you have depends on the NetSuite products you use, for instance their enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) solutions as well as the access granted by the administrator.

Once you enter NetSuite, you can access the app by hovering over Payroll and HR and then hovering over Lists. Click on Employee Case and you will be directed to the relevant page. Once there, you will see a list of all employee cases that have been logged in for easy tracking and access.

To create a new case, click on the New Employee Case button and look for the employee’s name in the Name Box. You can verify that you have selected the correct employee by checking their information. You can also update the employee’s contact details.

When creating the case information, specify a start date, which is the date the employee believes they became contagious, and an end date, which is the last date the employee interacted with persons face-to-face.

You can then trace their interactions by clicking on the Generate Possible Interactions button. The interactions provided by the NetSuite app look at five touchpoints; Employee team, employee location, time entry location, project team member, and event attendee.

You can add other contacts manually, even if their information is not on the NetSuite system. Having entered all the relevant information, you can create an email distribution list.