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An online portal titled has been launched by the National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka to support Sri Lankan companies in promoting their products and services in the global market.

A press release from the Chamber states –

Sri Lanka is best known currently for its tea, rubber, coconut products and apparel in the global market while the country has many other unique products that only Sri Lanka can offer, most of them eco friendly and made by small manufacturers. Sadly, there is no viable digital platform to encourage global traders in connecting with the local suppliers in Sri Lanka. strives to fill this glaring gap providing an online platform to connect Sri Lankan suppliers and our unique products with the rest of the world.

The platform is developed using the latest web technologies with performance and security in mind and will be hosted within the Oracle cloud, through a partnership. It uses responsive web design suitable for any PC, mobile phone or tablet using the most popular browsers.

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Catering to a range of categories from tea, rubber, coconut, spices and ayurvedic items to apparel, gemstones, and furniture or services such as software development to BPO solutions, helps global traders to source suitable Sri Lankan suppliers who can add something different to their product catalog. The platform does not intend to execute any ecommerce transactions except when samples shipping is required so will not have a shopping cart as a feature but will be designed to match and directly connect global traders with Sri Lankan companies so that they could transact offline using the most suitable methods of commerce they prefer.

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The National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka will also initiate programs to support such export-oriented Sri Lankan companies on the platform with knowledge, training and other support services to enhance their products, services and communications to meet export standards. The NCCSL intends to partner with other trade associations and regional Chambers to extend these services to their membership and will seek government and foreign donor support to promote the platform and support the supplier companies. platform is bound to make a significantly positive effect in promoting foreign trade and earning valuable foreign exchange into Sri Lanka and would create a new era for Sri Lankan products in the Global market.

The National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka in the leading source of services and assistance to businesses countrywide for promotion of domestic and foreign trade so will be a key part of fulfilling the objectives of the Chamber.

The Island Online (January 20, 2020)

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