Direct Involvement

Direct Involvement

We understand that when you are looking for an enterprise solution, you interact with real people, not the actual software or a faceless organization. The caliber of the people working on a project is integral to its outcome. That is why M.SaaS promises that at least one member of its consultation team remains in the project team throughout the entire interaction with your company. Though the cloud is off-site, our project team will work with you on-site to ensure that implementation is smooth, swift and efficient.

Solo Working

On-Site Consultants

With specific ERP experience and expertise, the role of a M.SaaS on-site ERP consultant involves knowing the best practices for evaluating and implementing systems, mitigating risk, helping the project stay on time and on budget and driving ROI.

  • Sharing Industry Knowledge

    The role of M.SaaS on-site ERP consultant is to offer experience implementing ERP software in a specific industry or with other similar businesses. A good consultant will also suggest best practices from outside of the industry that could be of help to the business if incorporated.

  • Leading Business Process Transformation

    There’s value in obtaining unbiased opinions about what’s working or not working regarding business processes. This expert outsider’s perspective can be invaluable throughout the project to counter the team’s personal biases, based on their job roles and how things have been done in the past.

  • Driving Change Management

    Selecting and implementing an ERP system results in big changes for the entire business business. These changes can be overwhelming for your team and the rest of your workforce. An ERP consultant draws on organizational change management skills to help in user adoption and acceptance of the project.