7 signs you should invest in a cloud ERP system

Collection, storage, management, and interpretation of data is one of the main functions of a business. Since these processes are time-consuming and give room for human error, enterprise resource planning software was introduced. However, traditionally, enterprise resource planning systems were set up in-house, with the business maintaining its own infrastructure for the ERP software. 

This was costly for businesses and there were many benefits to shifting to cloud ERP instead of using on-site software. If you are still using traditional ERP software, these are seven signs that you should invest in a cloud ERP system like Netsuite ERP. 

A Cloud ERP System | M.SaaS
A Cloud ERP System | M.SaaS
A Cloud ERP System | M.SaaS

1. Cost-efficient

Traditional models cost more than cloud enterprise resource planning software. The main reason for this is that ERP systems, when hosted onsite, require IT infrastructure that comes at a huge cost to the business. 

In addition to this, traditional enterprise resource planning systems require server maintenance. This too is costly and is one of the main reasons businesses have moved to cloud ERP software. 

If you have been bearing a cost due to outdated ERP systems, it is a sign that you should invest in a cloud ERP system like Netsuite ERP instead.

2. Enhanced security 

The latest technology comes not only with improved efficiency, speed, and features but also enhanced security. A cloud enterprise resource planning system comes with better permission controls and secure gateways. 

Cloud ERP systems are also constantly updated to be in compliance with regulations, especially regarding cybersecurity and data protection. This means that your concerns about the safety of the sensitive data of your business will no longer be an issue once you invest in a cloud ERP system. 

In addition to this, systems like Netsuite ERP also focus on tax requirements and financial reporting in accordance with regulations applicable to your business. Additional features and services like this mean that you need not worry about compliance on your end as the software will come with inbuilt features to ensure this.

3. Remote access 

On-site data storage poses accessibility issues when servers are down or you are away from the company. However, there are always instances when you will have to access data remotely and the difficulties you face here are a clear sign that it is time to invest in a cloud ERP system. 

Remote access to your data is one of the main benefits of a cloud enterprise resource planning system and the enhanced accessibility will increase efficiency and contribute to the growth of your business.

4. Analytical features 

ERP systems are more than just data storage software and there are many built-in analytical features that are of great use to businesses. With cloud ERP systems, reports can be updated in real-time and accessed from wherever you are for added convenience. 

This is another benefit of systems like Netsuite ERP that will definitely make you go from using traditional ERP systems to a cloud ERP system.

5. Error-free 

There is a lot of room for error when humans are tasked with all business functions and data management. However, the use of technology and software reduces the room for error, which is why many opt for ERP systems. 

However, in-house systems still require a lot of human involvement, especially when it comes to server maintenance and system upgrades. Cloud ERPs require less human involvement and thus have less room for error. 

In addition to this, cloud ERP software can also be integrated with other software, which is beneficial to the company.

6. Usability 

Ease of use is a huge issue when it comes to older models of ERP and the productivity and efficiency of businesses are negatively affected by such systems. With cloud ERP systems like Netsuite ERP, usability is improved which means that employees can easily adapt to the software change. 

The latest ERP software which is cloud-based also impacts customer experience and the lack of server downtime positively affects sales. If you have been struggling with server maintenance and don’t want it to affect your business anymore, it is time you invested in cloud ERP.

7. Business growth 

If you want to stay ahead of the competition and expand your business, you will want to invest in software that can accommodate business growth and increase efficiency. 

Tradition ERP software has scalability issues and may negatively impact your productivity and thus sales. If you find yourself lagging behind in comparison to your competitors, it is a clear sign that you should invest in cloud enterprise resource planning software like Netsuite ERP.

A Cloud ERP System | M.SaaS