7 Key Advantages of CRM For E-commerce

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7 Key Advantages of CRM For E-commerce

Customer relationship management or CRM software manages a company’s relationships with customers and potential customers to improve business relationships. E-commerce CRM can also help businesses to stay connected with their customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

CRM software like NetSuite CRM+ come with features like case management, customer portal, knowledge management, and time tracking. These can be of great use to an e-commerce business, which may use a cloud CRM solution and an enterprise resource planning or ERP solution for enhanced efficiency.

Businesses use CRM for various reasons, depending on the size of the organisation as well as the industry. They also use customer relationship management tools because of the many benefits to them.

7 Key Advantages Of CRM For E-commerce | M.SaaS

1. Industry authority

The number of e-commerce platforms seems to increase by the day and it is likely that any e-commerce concept you think of has already been set up by a company. This does not mean that there is no more room for e-commerce businesses. A relatively new platform can easily surpass an already established e-commerce business in terms of sales and customers even if they do not offer new or different products at better prices.

One way to build industry authority, especially in a highly competitive sector, is by using a CRM software that will greatly improve your relationship with your customers. With the NetSuite CRM+ software, for instance, you can create a highly personalised and interactive service for your customers using the customer portal. This can definitely boost customer satisfaction and retention, placing you ahead of your competition.

E-commerce CRM tools can also be used to feature offers and promotions, give customers discounts, and issue exclusive content to your customers. These will create a loyal customer base that increases over time and is improved with the use of your cloud CRM solution.

2. Conversion rates

You may use various tactics to attract visitors to your e-commerce website and may watch the numbers rise, but your job does not end here. You must now turn your visitors into leads and then customers.

The success of an e-commerce platform does not lie in the number of visitors it receives but in the number of sales it makes and a cloud CRM system like NetSuite CRM+ is of importance here. Whether through custom search categories, wish list discounts, or curated product lists, customer relationship management software can aid in lead generation and conversion.

3. Customer data

Customer data is incredibly useful when creating customised and personalised marketing material. Product recommendations based on a customer’s purchase history, for instance, can make a customer feel like they are valued by the company. Strategies like this rely heavily on customer data and an e-commerce CRM software can collect, store, and analyse data on customers.

This data can also be used to improve the performance and efficiency of the e-commerce website, making it more customer-friendly.

7 Key Advantages Of CRM For E-commerce | M.SaaS

4. Customer engagement

A cloud CRM system can also be used for increased customer engagement. An e-commerce company can use a tool like NetSuite CRM+ or NetSuite ERP to encourage customers to make more purchases. These include promotional tools like discount notifications and loyalty points.

5. Data analysis

Customer data collected and analysed by the CRM software can be used to improve online sales but they can also be used to improve the services provided by the company. A cloud ERP system or cloud CRM solution may study data and performance to generate predictive analytics. This could be on preferred services, successful promotions, and products that have a high demand.

Data analysis through a CRM or ERP software can play an important role in sales planning and forecasting, which can help a business make better decisions.

6. Customer support

Customers rely on customer support to request information on products as well as submit complaints on faulty products. However, customer support is often seen as a time-consuming and poorly-managed system that can put customers off an e-commerce platform.

With CRM software features like chatbots, a business can provide better customer support and reduce the risk of dissatisfied customers.

7. Social media

An e-commerce business may use different channels to promote their products and brand and social media may be one of the key channels used. However, social media interactions do not necessarily convert to visitors to an e-commerce website or sales.

CRM software may have features to integrate social media to the CRM system, making it easier for the business to generate leads and convert them into customers.

7 Key Advantages Of CRM For E-commerce | M.SaaS